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Zhuji Sikailiwei Import And Export Co., Ltd.
Sikailiwei Import And Export Co., Ltd. is professional China Pressure Tank manufacturers and custom Pressure Tank suppliers. Our factory was located in the town of Zhuji city shop, and traffic is convenient. Enterprises from home and abroad with the introduction of international advanced PP-R pipe, PP-R pipe, antibacterial, glass fiber reinforced PP-R pipe, PE pipe,l pipe production line, the company implemented IS09001:2000 quality management system certification and IS014001environmentl system certification. Company to "focus on the cause of human health, to create a harmonious exquisite life" as its mission. Henke Pipeline is a design, manufacturing, sales, and installation in one of the pipe manufacturers. Create pipe industry famous brand, in Europe and the United States, absorb advanced technology and experience, research and development of high pure OEM Pressure Tank .
The company has domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, production of full compliance with the twenty-first Century real green environmental protection pipe, and products widely used in tap water, solar, gas and heating, and mining industry, there are many varieties, all specifications, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, excellent quality characteristics.


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Industry knowledge about Pressure Tank

How are pressure tanks utilized in agricultural applications or industrial processes?

Pressure tanks play a crucial role in both agricultural applications and various industrial processes. Their primary function is to store and regulate the pressure of liquids or gases, providing a steady and controlled flow. Here's how pressure tanks are utilized in these contexts:
1.Irrigation Systems:
Water Storage: Pressure tanks are used to store water for agricultural irrigation systems. They help maintain a consistent water supply, especially in areas where water pressure from the source may fluctuate.
Pressure Regulation: Pressure tanks regulate the water pressure, ensuring a constant and even distribution of water to crops through irrigation lines.
2.Livestock Watering:
Water Supply: Pressure tanks are employed to store water for livestock watering systems. This ensures a reliable and consistent water supply for animals in remote areas or locations with variable water pressure.
3.Pesticide and Fertilizer Application:
Sprayer Systems: Pressure tanks are integrated into sprayer systems used for pesticide and fertilizer application. They provide a steady pressure for efficient and uniform distribution of agricultural chemicals.
4.Hydraulic Systems:
Equipment Operation: Some agricultural machinery and implements, such as hydraulic systems in tractors, utilize pressure tanks. These tanks store hydraulic fluid under pressure, allowing for the operation of various equipment components.
Industrial Processes:
5.Manufacturing Processes:
Cooling Systems: Pressure tanks are used in industrial cooling systems to store and regulate the flow of coolant. This is common in manufacturing processes where consistent temperature control is essential.

What are the different types of pressure tanks available in the market?

There are several types of pressure tanks available in the market, each designed to meet specific needs and applications.
1.Diaphragm Tanks:
These tanks have a flexible diaphragm or membrane that separates the water and air inside the tank. The diaphragm prevents water from coming into direct contact with the air, reducing the risk of waterlogging.
2.Bladder Tanks:
Similar to diaphragm tanks, bladder tanks use a flexible bladder to separate water and air. The bladder is typically made of reinforced rubber or other materials. These tanks are known for their efficient water-air separation.
3.Hydropneumatic Tanks:
Also known as well tanks, these tanks combine a water chamber with an air chamber. As water is pumped into the tank, it compresses the air, creating pressure. This design helps maintain a consistent water pressure in the system.
4.Expansion Tanks:
Expansion tanks are commonly used in heating systems. They allow for the expansion of water as it heats up, preventing excessive pressure in the system. These tanks are often found in closed-loop hydronic systems.
5.Compressed Air Tanks:
These tanks store compressed air and are commonly used in industrial applications. They can provide a consistent and reliable source of compressed air for various tools and machinery.
6.Reverse Osmosis Tanks:
These tanks are specifically designed for reverse osmosis water filtration systems. They store purified water and provide a steady flow when needed, reducing the strain on the RO system.
7.Buffer Tanks:
Buffer tanks are used in HVAC systems to store water and improve temperature control. They help prevent short cycling of heating or cooling equipment by providing a buffer of pre-heated or pre-cooled water.
8.Propane Tanks:
Propane tanks are a type of pressure vessel used to store and transport propane gas. They are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for heating, cooking, and various industrial processes.
9.Fuel Tanks:
Fuel tanks are used to store various types of fuels, such as gasoline or diesel. They are commonly found in vehicles, generators, and industrial equipment.
10.Agricultural Water Tanks:
These tanks are designed for agricultural applications, including irrigation systems. They come in various sizes and materials to suit different farming needs.