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Zhuji Sikailiwei Import And Export Co., Ltd.
Sikailiwei Import And Export Co., Ltd. is professional China PPR Pipe Cutter manufacturers and custom PPR Pipe Cutter suppliers. Our factory was located in the town of Zhuji city shop, and traffic is convenient. Enterprises from home and abroad with the introduction of international advanced PP-R pipe, PP-R pipe, antibacterial, glass fiber reinforced PP-R pipe, PE pipe,l pipe production line, the company implemented IS09001:2000 quality management system certification and IS014001environmentl system certification. Company to "focus on the cause of human health, to create a harmonious exquisite life" as its mission. Henke Pipeline is a design, manufacturing, sales, and installation in one of the pipe manufacturers. Create pipe industry famous brand, in Europe and the United States, absorb advanced technology and experience, research and development of high pure OEM PPR Pipe Cutter .
The company has domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, production of full compliance with the twenty-first Century real green environmental protection pipe, and products widely used in tap water, solar, gas and heating, and mining industry, there are many varieties, all specifications, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, excellent quality characteristics.


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Industry knowledge about PPR Pipe Cutter

What types of PPR pipes are suitable for a PPR pipe cutter?

PPR pipe cutters are designed to cut PPR pipes specifically. PPR pipes are commonly used for hot and cold water supply systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. These pipes are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures.
PPR pipe cutters are suitable for cutting various types of PPR pipes, and the suitability depends on the specific characteristics of the pipes. 
1.Pipe Diameter:
PPR pipe cutters are designed to handle a range of pipe diameters. The suitability of a PPR pipe cutter depends on the diameter of the pipe you need to cut. Different models may have different maximum and minimum pipe diameter capacities.
2.Pipe Thickness:
PPR pipes come in different thicknesses, and the cutter should be able to handle the thickness of the pipe walls. Thicker pipes may require a cutter with a more robust design and sharper blades.
3.Pipe Material:
PPR pipes are made from polypropylene random copolymer. PPR pipe cutters are specifically designed to cut through this material efficiently. It's essential to use the right cutter to avoid damage to the pipe and ensure a clean, precise cut.
4.Usage Type:
PPR pipes are used for both hot and cold water applications. The PPR pipe cutter is suitable for both types of pipes, but it's important to consider the temperature rating of the pipes and ensure that the cutter is compatible with the intended use.

What are the key features that distinguish a PPR pipe cutter from other types?

A PPR pipe cutter is a specialized tool designed specifically for cutting PPR pipes. While it shares some similarities with general-purpose pipe cutters, there are key features that distinguish a PPR pipe cutter from other types. 
1.Blade Design:
PPR pipe cutters typically have a specially designed blade that is optimized for cutting PPR pipes. The blade is sharp and durable, and it is often made from materials that ensure clean and precise cuts without causing damage to the PPR material.
2.Jaw Configuration:
PPR pipe cutters have jaws that are specifically shaped to grip PPR pipes securely. The jaw configuration helps stabilize the pipe during the cutting process, ensuring accuracy and preventing slippage.
3.Ratchet Mechanism:
Many PPR pipe cutters feature a ratchet mechanism. This mechanism allows the cutter to apply incremental pressure as the tool is rotated around the pipe. The ratcheting action makes it easier to cut through PPR pipes with less effort and provides better control over the cutting process.
4.Scissor-like Design:
PPR pipe cutters often have a scissor-like design, allowing for easy one-handed operation. This design facilitates efficient cutting in confined spaces and provides the user with a comfortable grip during use.
5.Compact and Lightweight:
PPR pipe cutters are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and maneuver. The design is practical for use in various plumbing and construction settings where portability is important.